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Platycercus Flaveolus


In the wild, they can be found only in the regions of southeast Australia . They are very similar to Crimson Rosella, but they are bit smaller, about 33cm long.

The basic colour is yellow, forehead has an orange stripe, on the throat there is a bit of red, while the crop is blue. Upper parts of the wings and tail are also blue. Wins are 18cm long and the tail is 20cm long. Iris is dark brown. Under parts of the tail is black. On the back, there are several black feathers on the yellow base that looks like scales. Difference between sexes is in size, that is females have smaller head with duller orange stripe on the forehead and smaller beak than males. The beak is 2cm long and it is pale grey, almost white. Legs are grey with black claws. Juveniles have lighter colours .

These parrots are great flyers. They usually geather on the river banks and feed on akacia seed, burdock and other plants as well as variouce fruit. They nest hollows near water. Yellow Penant is adaptable to very high and very low temperatures, which is the characheristic for all australian parrots.

par stroh papagaja slikanih u vreme mitarenja

In early spring, formed couples are making their nests in tree trunks, where the female will lay 4 to 6 eggs. The incubation lasts for 22 days. Five weeks after hatching youngsters will leave the nest, but will stay with their parents for the next 2 months. In that period chiks learn how to consume variouce food, how to fly and climb the trees. They sexually mature after 18 months, but they are fully matured after two years. These parrots raer only one broom a year.

If you have one, feed it with seed mix of sunflower, oat, proso, sorghumhemp, bright seed and bar millet. They can eat almost every kind of fruit accept pear, peach, malon, watermelon. The best is apple, you can never. When it comes to vegetables, Yellow Penant will enjoy in carrots, cucumber , sweet paprika with seed, spinach, mangel or sprin of parcley. Cabbage and vegetables from the same family never give to the bird becouse they can couse diarrhea and even disenteria. From time to time you gen give your pet a peace of dry coockies with high protein and low carbonhydrate content (for example 2 Plazama 2 ) or bread and pasta. Never give chips or enything simillar!!!

This species eats using its legs, so the best way to serve all fruits an vegetables is to chop it on 1x3cm big peaces, so the bird can have pleasant meal. It is neccery to enrich seedish food with vitamins and minerals, and if you have any questions on this topic feel free to consult me.

Their unusuall looks, nice song and easy timed nature are the best reasons to get one of these beauties as a pet. They are so special becouse yellow coloerd birds with combination of blue and red are very rare in nature. Their life span is about 30 years, offcousre with proper food diet.

There is multicoloured mutation, but no subspecies.

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