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My name is
JakovljeviŠ Stanko

and once again in the name of aviary JakovljeviŠ
I welcome you to this web presentation.
I was born in 1949, in Belgrade , Siva stena Street. In my early childhood I developed tendency to ornithology, and in 1965, that is when I was sixteen, aviculture had attracted my attention, as a closer choice from ornithology, more exactly various types of parrots. The reason for this is the fact that parrots are the most spread kind of birds throughout every continent, archipelagos etc, except in Europe. Since that time I am certain that this species are the most representative kind of birds and that there is no other bird species with so many variouty in size, color, intelect, song and capabillity for frendship. All this features makes them special and different from others. No matter what kind of parrot we talk about, they all have there personality, they are not just birds. The fact that there is 326 species, unbelievable 816 subspecies, and several hundreds of new geneticly made mutations of almost every kind of parrot, makes my believes true.

As almost every parrot lover, I got a pair of budgerigars as a present. After some time I menaged to mate them, I made small nest box for them and the result were 4 chickens, which were for the time settled in very small cage in my room. After that day I new what my future call is, and year after year, depending on my financial abillities, number and kind of parrots grew. Only two years later I had 14 cages with parakeets and cockatiels, formed in couples and having youngsters. It was clear to me then, that they need more space, so there was no other way than to make a "voliÚr" in my backyard. Since I had enough free space for new birds, my, let's say bird collection grew, so I had other species than just budgerigars and cockatiels. The new generations weren't allways as I expected them to be, becouse of the lack of informations on the food in our climate, adaptation and period of acclimatization, preparation for mating and upbringing the chickens. As a result of this was a high mortality, even of some specious. In the next few years I realised, that all I read in foreign literature, all the informations I got were more or less useless as it wasn't possible to apply it in this climate. Also I wasn't able to find several kind of seed, adequant minerals and vitamins (unfortunatelly this is still the problem to find in Serbia), so I had to supply my self for most of these things from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Hungary and Italy. My effort to get all needed components payed off in sense of better reproduction and quality of some species. Than I had to deal with another problem, illness. I couldn't find a specialist who could help, nor medicaments for my parrots, becouse Belgrade faculty for Veterinary medicine has no specialization in that field. All medicaments were supplied from the same countries as food, and from Russia.


All my researchers on reproduction, number of species and quality of parrots resulted in 1995., when I went for the first time on ornithology show and start getting my first medals and diplomas. Now, with 40 different species and variouce mutations, I am both judge and exhibitor. On many intercity exhibitions, small animals shows, state and international championships my parrots of variouce species were champions. I also have a number of medals and I was awarded by Bird Protection and Breeding Society as the best parrot breeder in Yugoslavia in 2000., 2001., 2002. and 2003. which I got from Society of Bird Breeding and Protection - "Slavuj" (addresse www.slavuj.org )

In my breeding house you can choose between 40 different species of small, midium and big parrots, and I can also import species that are imppossible to brood in Serbia (African Grey parrot, Cockatoos, Amazon parrots, Aras, etc.).

In past ten years, parrot lovers could see me on almost every big parrot show and on TV, they could also read my writings in magazine "ZOV" about housing, nutrition, caring and domasticating variouce parrot species.

Beside large assortment of parrots I can offer you over 20 models of cages, all size and shape, made of nickle-plated strings and electricly oxidated aluminium strings, with plastic and wooden stands, all kind of seed, cage accessories (swings, ladders, mirrors with rings, branches, stands, perches, bars, treat and cuttlefish-bone holders, feeder cups, watering kits, etc.) as well as minerals and vitamins from Germain, Holland, Hungarian and Austrian manufacturers.

All informations on:

(011) 2475-046  (064)165-0709  (063)430-177
from 9h to 16h and from 19h to 22h,

notice: all activites ( buying, looking) near birds is exclusively by daylight, birds do need rest, so night activites are excluded.

Photos of all species on this presentation are autentical and made in my aviary, and they are showing pretty clear picture of quality, size, shape and color of all my parrots.


On this sight, beside presentation of variouce species, you can also find description of their characteristics, habbits, and needs, which can certainly help you to make a right choise on your new feathery pet.


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